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The power of Alers

We are Alers. Flexible professionals that love tinkering with machines. We do this especially for plastics, cattle fodder and paper factories in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

What do we stand for?

The world of production lines and within this to create ‘something from nothing’ interests us! We see that the continuation and capacity need of the clients continues to increase. We from Alers maintain and deliver machinery parks or parts of it. With this we contribute to:

  • Een probleemloos draaiend machinepark en minimale uitvaltijd
  • Lagere productie- en energiekosten
  • Minder stilstand
  • Verhoging van de capaciteit

Our promise: “A problem free running machinery park and minimal downtime. It will be arranged!”

Machinery construction

Expanding or optimisation of your production line? Have you already looked at the possibilities with technologists, but have not found the solution yet? By expanding and improving existing installations you can make the difference in your branch. You however, have been unable to make this impact as of yet. The result is a machinery park with problems, high downtimes and not a continuous capacity.

Machinery maintenance

To get the maximum out of a production line regular maintenance is necessary. However, there is a lack of time to do this maintenance well. You are looking for a partner that understands your production process, thinks along with, helps develop and solves breakdowns as quick as possible.  

Working at Alers

More and more clients find us for machinery construction and maintenance. Alers is growing and we are proud of it. This is why we are always looking for good mechanics. Smart mechanics that like to construct ‘something from nothing’. Do you want to do that too? In a video we explain what it means to work for us. Watch this video first and we look forward to drinking a cup of coffee together.

This is why you choose Alers!


Practical. Thinking in solutions. With the utmost precision. We are ready for you with just that little bit extra.


Thinking along. Customization. An extra mechanic. We do the maximum for an as low as possible downtime.


Professional. Decent and well-educated. Recognizable. You see that we are there and that creates trust.

Extreme service

We solve your breakdown. Day and night. From Monday to Saturday. In The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Short lines

Quick delivery of spare parts or with a question about a breakdown. You have direct contact with a specialist. Always.

Realized projects

Enough about what we do. We enjoy showing you how and for whom we ensured minimal downtime, less breakdowns and more capacity in the machinery parks.

Cup of coffee?
Het Laar 15, 6733 BZ Wekerom