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Maarten Alers

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Gerdie Alers

Cor van Kooten

Cor van Kooten

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Met een stevige groep van 30 vakmensen bestaande uit personeel en kwaliteitspartners bedienen wij klanten op maat.


Do you also want a problem free machinery park with minimal downtime? Besides that also lower production and energy costs, less downtime and an increase of capacity? Let’s drink a cup of coffee together and speak about the possibilities.


With effect from 1 May 2019, Alers Machinery Construction and Maintenance has acquired the Nieuwleusen companies Heemhorst International B.V. and WEMO technology. Since then, the Alers Group has emerged and the three companies operate completely independently in the market.

Heemhorst specializes in the development, production and installation of machines and systems for dry matter and bulk solids processing. It is a single point of contact for engineering, production and maintenance of factories in the bulk industry. The history of Heemhorst International BV goes back to 1787. Click here for more information about this company.

WEMO-techniek has been designing and making sampling systems and various custom systems in the process industry for over 20 years, aimed at quality assurance and control. From animal feed to food and chemistry, for animal feed, soil samples, minerals, wood pellets, milk powder, coffee beans, and so on. Click here for more information about this company.

Team Heemhorst International

Team Heemhorst International

Het Laar 15
6733 BZ Wekerom
The Netherlands

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We are Alers. Flexible professionals that love tinkering with machines. We do this especially for plastics, cattle fodder and paper factories in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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