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Machinery maintenance by Alers

Machinery maintenance

To get the maximum out of a production line regular maintenance is necessary. However, there is a lack of time to do this maintenance well. You are looking for a partner that understands your production process, thinks along with, helps develop and solves breakdowns as quick as possible.

However, this not very easy. There are of course a variety of companies that could mean something to you. But, these are often large organisations that are unable to quickly anticipate or companies that lack the mentality to go the extra mile and make the difference.

Alers in particular daily assists plastics, cattle fodder and paper factories in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to answer this question. Pragmatically we get to work with you. Together we crawl through the whole production process and see where maintenance is necessary or optimisation is necessary. Both for mechanical and hydraulic adaptations as for electronic technical maintenance.

How then? With a large team of well-educated specialists that help resolve your breakdowns with many years of experience in dosage, weighing, milling, mixing and pressing. We do this with the utmost precision and tremendous service so that your installation is and remains a well-oiled machine. With this you will get lower production and energy costs, less downtime and more capacity. Will be arranged!

Curious as to which machinery parks we maintain? See the projects for the whole story!

Expertise of Alers

We are Alers. Flexible professionals that love tinkering with machines. We work with professional equipment such as the fixturlaser for axes alignments, because almost 50% of all machine failures are caused by misalignment. We do this especially for plastics, cattle fodder and paper factories in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

  • A problem free running machinery park and minimal downtime
  • Lower production and energy costs
  • Less downtime
  • Increasing the capacity

20+ years of machine construction and maintenance


15% average increase in capacity


20% average reduction in downtime

Realized machinery maintenance projects

Enough about what we do. We enjoy showing you how and for whom we ensured minimal downtime, less breakdowns and more capacity in the machinery parks.

The world of production lines and then making ‘something from nothing’ fascinates us!
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