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Machinery construction cattle fodder factory Forfarmers

Alers Machinebouw Machineonderhoud Productielijnen ForFarmers

The client

ForFarmers is an international operating fodder company that delivers complete fodder solutions for the (organic) cattle industry. The product offer from ForFarmers varies from, mixing fodder, young animal fodder, and speciality fodder till liquid fodders, loose raw materials, seed (grass and corn) and fertilizers.

The question

At Forfarmers it was necessary to have a quick and safe access to the machinery for maintenance or breakdowns. The intake of raw materials out of ships is done using conveyor belts. When there was a breakdown or maintenance was necessary it turned out that the accessibility was not optimal. Solving the breakdown or the maintenance needed to be done safely of course and this cost time.

The solution!

Together with the technical department of ForFarmers we looked at which possibilities there were to make the accessibility of the conveyor belts better. We worked this out in a scenario and made a scheme of the possible solution. This resulted in realizing a completely new floor in the factory with by means of different platforms. This increased the accessibility enormously, so that employees could work safely and reliably with a minimal downtime of the machinery park.

The world of production lines and then making ‘something from nothing’ fascinates us!
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