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The client

Under the flag of Trouw Nutrition a large number of companies operates in Europe with a strong market position in cattle fodder additives, premixes, services, minerals, fodder for young animals and specialties. Trouw Nutrition Benelux delivers a diverse product range that improves the health and productivity of beef, pork, poultry and horses.

The question

Loading lorries with premix-cattle fodder is done by using silos. In practice it turned out that in the silos there were old hatches and these caused a leakage of the products. As a result, there were breakdowns in loading the lorries which in turn resulted in longer waiting times.

The solution!

The challenge was to be able to load without problems and so reduce the production times. To achieve this goal together with Trouw Nutrition we made and mounted special butterfly valves. Using butterfly valves instead of the hatches turned out to be a reliable way to prevent commixtures and reduce the loading times. With more capacity from a well working machinery park as a result.

The world of production lines and then making ‘something from nothing’ fascinates us!
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