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Machinery maintenance paper factory DS Smith – De Hoop

Alers Machinebouw Machineonderhoud Productielijnen DS Smith

The client

DS Smith is a world-wide leading producer of sustainable, corrugated cardboard and special paper. Paper factory De Hoop was established in 1657 and is part of DS Smith. At the moment the company is producing products in the cardboard industry made from 100% recycled fibres, with a total capacity of 360,000 tonnes per year. De Hoop strives for a sustainable and environmentally responsible production site in the centre of the municipality Eerbeek.

The question

Maintenance of the machinery park of a paper factory requires good time management. When there is a breakdown or maintenance is planned, a lot of capacity needs to be available at a specific moment. A machinery park needs to be up and running as quick as possible, whereby in the case of De Hoop the question also was to work together with a reliable partner that not only works for the client but also, works with, thinks along and is transparent about what they do.

The Solution!

We have answered the question from this client by thinking along at the start of the project, acting quickly when there were breakdowns and delivering reliable work. Because we have engineers with much expertise, we were able to reduce the breakdown time and increase the production time. By thinking along about solutions and having good consultations together about the work being done we were able to answer the capacity question. In this way De Hoop now has an excellent machinery park in which the maintenance and solving breakdowns can be left over to us.

The world of production lines and then making ‘something from nothing’ fascinates us!
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